On-demand Financial Statements and Profit Reporting

Realized, Revaluation and Unrealized Profit

Datasoft FxOffice supports automated foreign currency derivative valuations reducing the complexity of profit reporting for financial institutions running fx and international payment product lines.

FxOffice will mark to market FX transactions and Accounting data using market data streamed into the platform. With full accounting automation for straight-through-processing of ledger and sub-ledger entries throughout FxOffice, profit reporting and exposure management is always available.

Revaluation procedures are automated in FxOffice and can configured to run unattended. Market data and rates used for revaluation processes within FxOffice are also automated and can be deployed using schedulers and can execute unattended. Financial Statements can therefore be produced daily.

Monetary balance items denominated in foreign currency are adjusted to reflect the market exchange rate in effect. Foreign currency items residing in the accounts receivable and accounts payable spawned by FX deals that have yet to settle are restated in home currency terms and posted to unrealized profit and loss account(s) in the income statement. While this ledger level entry occurs automatically, FxOffice provides line level visibility of a complete sub-ledger breakdown of each outstanding FX deals that comprise of the composite unrealized profit entry. The remainder of the balance sheet is restated and reported to income statement revaluation account(s).

Realized Profit

Realized profit is also automatically captured as and when FX transactions settle. FxOffice automatically manages unrealized gains and loss accounts when forward transactions settle including all the nuances of rolled fx deals, fx forward drawdown and early draw down as well as reversals and swaps.

FxOffice provides profit audit reports that analyzes profit reported on the income statement into granular detail reports. In addition, the income statement profits reported from foreign exchange transactions can be audited using independent dealing inventory profitability and exposure reports.

Profit Reporting Key Features

  • Automated unattended revaluation.
  • Live market data feeds into general ledger.
  • Granular profit reporting.
  • Independent models to calculate and audit FX profit.
  • Automated unrealized profit.

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Datasoft FxOffice is a foreign exchange and global payments software platform that offers financial institutions a completely integrated forex, treasury, compliance and payments platform.