FxOffice runs Financial Institutions specialized in Forex and Payments

FxOffice runs banks and financial institutions that specialize in foreign exchange, money markets payments. It is an end-to-end solution fully integrating eBanking, eTrading and the front office into a single unified operating core platform that addresses all aspects of an enterprise.

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FxOffice.Net addresses specific challenges facing firms looking to offer an online platform. Foreign exchange functionality, payments and receivable management is extended to clients via the web putting robust corporate treasury and cash management tools at your clients’ fingertips.

  • Foreign exchange dealing and orders online
  • Quotes, blotters and margin collateral management
  • Flexible funding, settlements and order fulfillment
  • Balance reporting and statements
  • International payments, domestic bill payments and account transfers

Datasoft FxOffice is a comprehensive application suite for corporate banks and financial institutions spanning foreign exchange, currency deposits, domestic and global payments, eBanking, eDealing and more. FxOffice covers multiple corporate treasury and cash management functionality and effectively integrates front to back office functionality.

FxOffice tightly integrates the dealing platform to be the core system and intuitively interfaces the Dealing Desk to payments and settlements thereby creating a nimble streamlined process.

  • Foreign exchange spots, forward and option forward transactions
  • Money market asset liability management
  • Stop-loss, take-profit and market monitoring order book functionality
  • Real-time positions monitors, foreign exchange blotters, liquidity blotters and interest rate ladders
  • Margin collateral management and floating line limits with what-if capabilities for predictive analysis

Datasoft FxOffice helps to raise the entire sales process and increase collaboration and visibility on all customer-facing front office operations.

  • Capture and track all lead details on one platform
  • Close deals faster by centrally tracking volume, pricing and better track client deals
  • Track all activities and interactions for each contact or account
  • Track the sales pipeline for improved financial planning and proactively identify customer attrition

FxOffice provides unparalleled integration to payments and settlements throughout the software suite. Sending and receiving money through partner banks, correspondent banks and financial institutions is embedded keeping data visible and current.

  • SWIFT Connectivity
  • Payment channels via electronic connectivity to bank relationships
  • Bank reconciliations and Nostro reconciliations
  • Cheque Positive-pay and Reverse positive-pay reconciliation
  • Liquidity forecast and cash positions

Datasoft Financials delivers a complete integrated financial management solution to ensure measured and predictable business performance. Financial accounting and management accounting is integrated in real-time across the entire business.

  • Multi-currency general ledger
  • Multi-entity accounting, budgets and cost centers
  • Tight integration with payments & deposits platforms
  • Interest, fees and commissions integration

Datasoft's AML Compliance Application suite is designed to deliver a cost effective and robust compliance regime. The compliance business modeling manages and controls policies, operational procedures and processes. The integration platform manages real-time risk scoring, black-list name searching and regulatory reporting.

  • Account opening and KYC automation
  • Automation for regulatory reporting
  • Case management tracking and risk scoring integration
  • Real-time black-list name searching
  • Document management and electronic filing

Datasoft FxOffice Introduction

Datasoft FxOffice offers the financial services industry an integrated corporate foreign exchange, cash management and global payments platform. FxOffice is an end-to-end solution incorporating a broad range of modules built specifically for foreign exchange and cross-border international payments. The platform unifies the functionality of fx dealing, risk management, anti-money laundering (AML/ATF) compliance, payments and finance in a single platform geared for scalability and control.

Datasoft FxOffice Web Portal

The Datasoft FxOffice Web Portal allows financial institutions and corporate foreign exchange providers to deliver a first class user experience to their customers. The platform has been architected from years of experience in the financial marketplace and presents a simple user-friendly interface with a powerful feature set making it one of the most complete, flexible, and scalable solutions in the market today.

Datasoft FxOffice Compliance

The FxOffice Compliance modules spans functionality from client on-boarding through regulatory reporting and delivers a complete anti-money laundering (AML) solution. Transaction monitoring and risk-based methodologies combine with workflow and business modeling modules to deliver constant vigilance and enforce desired policies and procedures of any AML Compliance regime.

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Datasoft FxOffice is a foreign exchange and global payments software platform that offers financial institutions a completely integrated forex, treasury, compliance and payments platform.