Automated Trading with multiple FX liquidity providers

Trading Desk Engines

Datasoft FxOffice offers FIX engine capabilities. 

FIX enabled integration to FxOffice allows for a continuous electronic communication channel with liquidity providers or prime brokers to stream quotes or auto-cover FX positions. Flexible configuration can enable currency pair specific pricing and coverage to different liquidity engines based upon timetables origination channels.  The FxOffice FIX engine automates central trader responsibilities allowing for risk averse scale and efficiency. 


Datasoft clients can choose when and how the FIX engine will operate in conjunction with FxOffice. FxOffice FIX can be configured to get quotes from liquidity providers or auto-cover supported currencies. Automatically hedging positions reduces FX position exposure risk allowing for an automated dealing desk 24 hours a day.

Deal Capture

FxOffice can work simultaneously with other FIX platforms to capture deal details and ensure a reconciled blotter. Clients can therefore transact on multiple platforms and the FxOffice Engine will automatically capture trades ensuring accurate records and transparency to positions and profit.

Real-time Exposure Monitoring Key Features

  • The real-time position watch displays a composite position of all currencies being dealt
  • Forward and Currency ladders allow users to understand and analyze currency movement which is occurs beyond the horizon
  • Real-time margin statements and mark-to-market of positions provide tools for Forward Margin Adequacy and Collateral Management
  • Manage order book exposure with respect to the current market proximity.

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