Re-tooled API Configurations

Full API Integration Capability

Invoke API web services repeatedly to fetch and update data from the workflow platform

FxOffice web portal has improved API configuration systems. Web services allows to push and post data to FxOffice using existing systems through XML. Communication from the software must take place through a 128-bit encrypted HTTPS connection. Web services accepts XML-based messages over SOAP. Web services description language (WSDL) defines the SOAP interface and allows tools like VB.NET to create proxy objects that generate and invoke the appropriate SOAP methods over HTTPS.

Tighter Integrations

Client application (Web Application or Desktop) must provide input XMLs in a specific format for each request. Each request is a method defined inside Web Service API which can be invoked repeatedly to update and fetch desired data from the FxOffice database. Web Service returns output data in a defined XML format so that client application can parse and modify as needed.

Full API Integration Capability Key Benefits

  • Lightweight and simple implementation.
  • Improved error handling mechanism.
  • Web-based API leads to higher performance.
  • Scalable and controllable platform with back-office API functionality.

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