Payments and Straight-Through-Processing


Fully integrated payment / settlement capture and processing from beginning of transaction and capable of automated delivery via multiple of payment channel interfaces.

Whether it is your client or your front office entering in the details of the payment and settlement details, FxOffice has a highly customizable workflow to ensure that the data captured is correct ensuring a smooth straight-through-processing of payments. FxOffice has built in database directories that are accessible both on the Web Portal and within FxOffice including: SWIFT, ABA, ACH, BACS, EFT, etc simplifying routing selection to point-and-click. In addition, you can leverage the work flow engine to configure as many touches necessary based on the payment details before it is released to be processed.

Built-in Connectivity to Payment Channels

FxOffice includes a vast library of bank and payment channel formats leading to third party payment integration which is simple and ready to go. The library includes the common standards like ISO20022 and SWIFT, NACHA, FED, BACS, BPAY and also includes a wide array of built in proprietary formats. We are consistently adding to the library as required, which is straightforward and effortless.

Straight-Through-Processing Key Benefits

  • Verified templates ensure payments are quickly sent without unnecessary intervention.
  • Large library of payment formats leads to quick third party integration.
  • Integrated routing code directories.

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Datasoft FxOffice is a foreign exchange and global payments software platform that offers financial institutions a completely integrated forex, treasury, compliance and payments platform.