Integrated Branding Capability

White - Label FX and Payments

Customized solutions designed to meet organizational requirements directly from the web interface.

Fully customizable interface for implementation of specific branding strategy, while controlling all aspects of the white-labeling process to enhance the potential of integration with back-office applications.

Enhanced Multipurpose Platform Improvements

Implement social media integration throughout the web portal to maintain brand identity, and recognition.  FxOffice simplified, multipurpose payment solution will ensure that the varying needs of the client will be met.  The enhanced capabilities throughout the product suite improve functionality and overall response.

White Label FX and Payments Key Benefits

  • Simple and secure implementation and access.
  • Reduces strain on technological resources.
  • Built-in application template features.
  • Solutions based on geographical requirements.

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Datasoft FxOffice is a foreign exchange and global payments software platform that offers financial institutions a completely integrated forex, treasury, compliance and payments platform.